Participants' Comments

From Previous Years' EWI Participants:

"I loved the diversity of writing--geographic diversity, style diversity, topical diversity."

"This workshop truly changed my life& - or at least what I see as the potential of my life."

"I felt so well taken care of. It has been a great mix of intense work and play."

"I can’t imagine having a better experience at a writing seminar.”

"Let me come back. Please.”

From 2005 EWI Participants:

"The interaction with other participants and the workshop feedback was invaluable."

"Janisse Ray taught me a whole new way to look at my essay."

"Phil Condon honed in on one of my essay's problem areas and had a good idea for improving it."

"Kim Todd was terrific--so knowledgeable and indefatigable."

From 2003 EWI Participants:

"On John Elder: “John was engaged with each person he spoke with, taking time to pursue meaning and thought, asking questions, giving feedback."

"John truly changed my entire way of thinking about workshops, about the joy of learning, and about environmental writing. I feel a great debt to him."

From 2002 EWI Participants:

"Bob Pyle offered us so much of his knowledge, insight, and experience. I really appreciated the individual conferences."

"Bob Pyle took every moment and opportunity as a teaching one. He taught in context—using accurant and important examples. His critiques made each of us feel welcome, smart, and valid."

"I have worked with dozens of writing instructors, many of them ‘famous’ writers themselves, but no one who was as good as Bob. He not only knows ‘nature’ writing from a scientist’s perspective, he also knows it from an English teacher’s perspective."