Global Humanities and Religions at the University of Montana

Global Humanities and Religions (formerly Liberal Studies) is an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented humanities program.  In the Global Humanities and Religions (GHR) Program, students have the opportunity to craft their own interdisciplinary liberal arts degree while drawing on UM’s faculty expertise in the literature, history and religions of Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.  The GHR program offers a wide range of courses on topics such as: Gandhi’s life and times; Mysticism; Bombay cinema; religion and violence; Hinduism; same-sex unions in literature and history; origins of Judaism and Christianity; prophets and prophecy; and much more. Please see the pages linked above for course listings and further information about each option available to all UM students through the GHR program.

All Global Humanities courses are listed under Global Humanities in course search with the suffix GH. Religious Studies courses appear under RLST and South & South-East Asian Studies courses under SSEA.

*The GHR major and minor are currently unavailable for current or incoming students to declare. The interdisciplinary South & South-East Asian Studies minor, is however, available for any student to declare. Students now have the rare opportunity to learn Hindi at UM.