Political Cognition Lab

Welcome to the University of Montana Political Cognition Lab's official web page. We are dedicated to producing the best political psychology research possible. Our lab's work has been featured in major national and international news outlets (e.g., NPR, USA Today, Washington Post, BBC Radio, Search Magazine; for more links and information, visit the "News" page.

In the Political Cognition lab, we study what shapes people's thoughts and beliefs, and the subsequent consequences those thoughts and beliefs have. As the name implies, we are particularly interested in thoughts and beliefs that have political implications. We study two often overlapping areas: Cognitive Complexity and Culture. Please see "Research Labs" for more information about our specific lab groups and research areas, or the "Publications" to get links to our publications.

If you are considering applying to work with Dr. Conway to get a Social Psychology Ph.D., please navigate to the "Prospective Graduate Students" page.