UM Employee Database Help


The Employee Database is a tool created by Spectral Fusion Designs (SFD) in the College of Humanities and Sciences. The system dynamically generates content for faculty and staff lists and faculty details pages on a vatriety of UM websites and allows users to manage information they wish to make avialable on the web.

New faculty, staff, or graduate students must be added to the Faculty Database by departmental administrators or SFD.

Users log in using NetID authentication.

Technical Help

How To Guides

Please review the Instructions for Faculty, Staff, and Students or the Instructions for Administrators for information on how to manage your profile and/or groups.

College of Humanites and Sciences

For further assistance, please contact Spectral Fusion Designs.

Other UM Users

Please contact your unit administrator for assistenace.

To add your unit or group to the UM Employee Database or report and issue, please contact Spectral Fusion Designs.

For information about the Employee Database plugin for the UM Ponderosa web template, please visit the Project Ponderosa Web Templates website.