General Resources


Everyone who is going to run studies or handle data must get IRB certification. Here are the directions for doing so:

  1. Go to the Human Subjects Protection Course webpage and click on Option 3 (note that you only have to do sections 1, 2, and 6)
  2. Follow the directions to complete the course. (If you did this last term, you don’t need to do it again).
  3. Print out the results of each section you pass and bring them to me for my records.

Additional Resources

Cognitive Complexity Resources

Note: The following handouts are things unique to the complexity lab. They will often have to be adapted (in consultation with me) to your particular project. But even as they are they are good general guides to how we do things in the complexity lab. 


If you are assigned to code, go to the Electronic Complexity Workshop website.   At the website, you should download the complexity manual, practice sets, and the guide. Read the manual at least twice and then start the practice sets.Also, when you finally are ready to send off your completed test, e-mail Luke to ensure you are sending it to the right place (it often shifts and sometimes is not updated on their page).